Scope of Work



1.Obtain Project Requirements:

a)Obtain official approval with budget to proceed

b)Determine corporate objectives and restrictions

c)Survey existing departmental structure and sites

d)Coordinate meetings to determine departmental needs

2.Develop Preliminary Space Plan / Layout

a)Work with consultants (architects/interior designers/mechanical and electrical engineers) to come up with floor plans

b)Issue drawings for permit and pricing as necessary

c)Inventory existing inventory (furniture and equipment) and purchase new as required

d)Develop move sequence and timeframe

3.Final Approval on Layout, Budget and Communication Plan

a)Meet with client to obtain final approval

b)Draft corporate communication for organization

c)Meet with affected user groups to discuss plan


1.Obtain Project Requirements:

a)Obtaining official approval, with budget, to proceed

b)Engage all consultants (architectural, interior design, mechanical, electrical and structural) to start design work

c)Obtain functional requirements from the user groups plus review all corporate requirements (ie: sustainability)

d)Conduct site meetings as required

2.Develop Preliminary Space Plan / Layout

a)Review initial block plan from Architect and make changes a required

b)Preliminary Budget review to ensure that no extraordinary costs have been identified

c)Work with Interior Designer to research theme and community location

3.Final Approval on Layout

a)Get draft layout from Architect and review with client for approval – make changes as required

b)Review all consultant quotes and proposals

c)Develop timeframe and process for balance of project

4.Design Development

a)Schematic Design development work with Architect and Interior Designer incorporating theme elements and finishes – including approval of same

b)Work with all consultants to incorporate their discipline into the final drawings

c)Receive Landlord approval as required

d)Issue for Building Permit

5.Issue for Pricing (Tender) Drawing Sets

a)Finalize drawings with all the last details and issue to GC for pricing if not a tender

b)Tender issue will go thru the usual tender process

c)Review pricing once received and compare to budget

d)Approve or review drawings as necessary to meet budget

6.Issue for Construction

a)Issue construction to GC and relevant trades so they can order materials and product as required

b)Work with Furniture Dealer to confirm furniture items and order accordingly

c)Start construction if permit obtained

7.Construction and Move In

a)Meet with trades on site to start construction and manage expectations and requirements

b)Schedule project deliverables

c)Attend and manage all site meetings

d)Ensure all consultants are managing their own site inspections and associated schedules

e)Meet with user groups to ensure that they have all relevant information on new or renovated sites

f)Attend and manage all move meetings

g)Coordinate the installation of security equipment, marketing materials, theme elements and furniture

h)Coordinate with marketing division on internal and external communications plan

i)Schedule and manage all move in requirements

j)Coordinate and manage final walk-thru of space with consultants ensuring that final occupancy is received in time for move-in

4.Construction, reconfiguration and Final move

a)Create move guidelines, check lists and procedures for all staff to follow

b)Conduct move meetings with all stakeholders

c)Manage all trades / companies (GC’s, electrical, mechanical, furniture) to ensure that work is completed correctly, on time and on budget

d)Coordination with the technology division for implementation of their equipment/data and telephone lines

e)Coordination with security division to ensure all security requirements are met and access cards / passes are ready for issuance

f)Coordination with the purchasing division to purchase stationary, supplies, etc..

g)Working on site to oversee the movers and ensure plan is executed correctly

h)Coordination of staff move in and deficiencies

i)Coordination and issuance of all change orders / requests

j)Track expenses to ensure projects are kept on budget